About Us

Palacio Interior Design & Decor offers excellent service in residential, commercial & corporate Interior design. Based in Bangalore.

At Palacio we are a team of Interior designers and decorators functioning holistically on design and execution. Our focus is on creating timeless, classic spaces paying close attention to evolving our work with our clients needs. We have three main areas in our practice, interior design, furniture and Layout planning. Palacio works sustainably with the best materials and craftsman to deliver our signature eclectic style from Bangalore.

Combining a talent for design with a sharp mind, team of designers, are drawn to a contemporary style combining the best of old and new with a meticulous eye for detail, color and texture, creating comfortable, distinctive designs ranging from fresh and simple, to smart and stylish.

Why us ???

Our sense of style formed out of noticing happiness; color, texture, and shapes found in everyday settings. For us, designing an interior space begins with intoxicating elements, full of surprise and delight for the world to enjoy.

Passionate about property, renovating, interior design, up to date knowledge of market trends in colours, products, prices, technology and eco advancements.

We love pushing the boundaries in design and constantly finding new challenges to expand portfolio. Favourite style is a clever mix of modern and eclectic and I love to inject a clients personality into the design where possible. Honest and extremely trustworthy, communicates well at all levels. Excellent mediator with a calm collected attitude. Open and willing to try new ideas in order to achieve excellent finished results.